The Rochen Affiliate Program

Excellent commissions for you, excellent service for those you refer.

Rochen has built an industry renowned webhosting brand supported by the very best infrastructure, technology, and hosting professionals. We are a leader in premium hosting solutions.

We want to build a unique affiliate network where you can refer your customers, colleagues, or friends, to us in confidence that they will receive the very best hosting service, while we will offer you leading commission payouts. At the same time we want to work with partners who will promote our brand in an open, ethical and honest way. It is our hope that by building our affiliate program in this way that it will maximize the benefits for all parties.

Our commission rates are competitive, fair, and straightforward, with no complicated tiers or hurdles:

  • Premium Web Hosting plans earn $60 per sale.
  • Managed Cloud Servers (MCS) earn $100 per sale.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers (MDS) earn $100 per sale.
  • Key Benefits of Rochen’s Affiliate Program:

  • Even if your referral contacts our sales team for assistance, or posts at our Customer Forums prior to signup, you will still be fully credited for the sale. We work to close the sale for you.
  • If your referral uses a promotional code during signup we will still credit you for the full sale.
  • Tracking cookies are valid for a leading 90 days after your referral hits the Rochen website. For example, the user can return to the Rochen site 3 months after you first referred them and you will still be credited for the sale.
  • We will credit your affiliate account with an opening balance of $20 before you even get started.
  • You can partner with Rochen in trust that we will credit you for every referral you send.
  • Rochen maintains globally diverse data centers in the US and UK opening a larger market for you to target.
  • Payments are made monthly.
  • Affiliate team available to address any of your questions during normal business hours via:
  • Refer business associates even if you don’t have your website established yet. Simply provide them with your unique Rochen referral URL via email, slide presentation, newsletter or other means.
  • Although we certainly encourage it, you do not need to be an existing Rochen customer to join our affiliate program.
  • Ground Rules and Small Print:

  • No parasites, SPAM activity, or other activity deemed malicious or harmful to affiliates is allowed in our network, at our sole discretion. You may only use ethical and lawful marketing tools.
  • You may not use your own affiliate link to sign up for Rochen’s service.
  • Commission payouts are made automatically between the 15th – 25th of each month.
  • Your referral must remain a customer and their account in good standing for a period of 60 days before commission is credited. For example, if you referred a customer on May 7th then your commission would be paid between July 15th - 25th.
  • The minimum commission payout is $100. If you have not reached $100 in credited commission by the 15th of the month then it will simply roll over to the next month. Your $20 opening balance counts towards the $100 minimum payout.
  • You are required to hold a PayPal account in order to receive your commission payments.
  • If your account has not reached the $100 commission payout level after a period of 24 months then the balance will be reset to $0. This is to ensure that lots of small liabilities do not build indefinitely on Rochen’s balance sheet.
  • Acceptance into the affiliate program is at Rochen’s sole discretion. Completing the registration form does not guarantee acceptance. For more information please email:
  • Affiliate Login